125th Anniversary



Greetings from the Governor and Commandant

Our Slogan for the Brigade’s 125th Anniversary Celebrations recognizes our long and proud history of providing youth leadership training to our members, while at the same time enabling us to look forward as a vibrant organization which has the will and determination to continue with this proud history.

Throughout 2017 we will be holding a number of events in celebration of our 125th Anniversary. It is our hope that all former and current members will join us in these celebrations. We encourage all CLB units to incorporate Anniversary celebrations in weekly parades, church services, outings, summer camps, annual inspections, etc. and to reflect on our past and to look forward with enthusiasm to the future.

In this Pamphlet you will have an outline of the many events planned, culminating with a Special Week of 125th Anniversary Celebrations in October. We hope to make our Anniversary Parade on October 15th one of the largest and most memorable in Brigade history. 125th Anniversary celebrations will conclude with our Anniversary Dinner on November 16th.

I would like to encourage everyone to embrace these celebrations throughout 2017 and to enjoy to the fullest the many events planned.

Colonel Keith Arns
Governor & Commandant

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