The C.L.B. and the Stirling Family Present A

Memorial Coin Collection

Remembering the Military History of Newfoundland

1. The Fighting Newfoundlander (SOLD OUT)

1. The Fighting Newfoundlander (SOLD OUT)
The first in a series of collector coins, The Fighting Newfoundlander was the final project of a proud C.L.B. Supporter, Geoff Stirling before his passing.

2. SS Florizel
The SS Florizel was a passenger liner owned by Bowring Brothers and was part of the Red Cross Line. At the start of the war she was chartered by the Newfoundland Government to take the members of the Newfoundland Regiment to England.

2. SS Florizel
3. National War Memorial

3. National War Memorial
The Newfoundland National War Memorial was formally unveiled on Memorial Day, July 1, 1924 by Field Marshal Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig. The term “National” refers to this monument being built by the Dominion of Newfoundland as a nation, before it became part of Canada.

4. Tommy Ricketts – Victoria Cross
Tommy Ricketts, a private in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment was the youngest Army Recipient of theVictoria Cross during the First World War. Tommy Ricketts was a member of “C” Company of the Church Lads Brigade at Bishop Feild College.

4. Tommy Ricketts
5. Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve

5. The Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve
The Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve was a reserve force that existed in Newfoundland from 1900 until about 1922. Because of their efforts during the war, the sailors of the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve were regarded as the best small-boat seamen in the navy.

6. Regimental Mascot Sable Chief
Sable Chief was the mascot of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. A Canadian Officer serving in England presented this Newfoundland Dog to the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment through the efforts of Sir Edgar Bowring.

6. Regimental Mascot - Sable Chief
7. Remembering Gallipoli - 1914-1915 Star

7. Remembering Gallipoli 1914-15 Star
The 1914-15 Star, depicted on this coin was awarded to members of the Allied Forces who saw active service during 1914 and 1915, it commemorates the members of the Newfoundland Regiment who served at Gallipoli.

8. The Danger Tree Beaumont Hamel
In 1916 at Beaumont Hamel, what became known as the Danger Tree was a significant landmark on the battlefield. Located partway between the German and British front lines in no man’s land, the blasted remnants of this tree were used by Newfoundland Regiment soldiers as a rallying point during the trench raids leading up to the main attack on July 1st.

8. The Danger Tree - Beaumont Hamel

This Commemorative Coin Collection was the final project of the late Geoff W. Stirling. This exclusive limited edition coin collection of 8 coins has only minted 100 of each. To honour of the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Somme, Beaumont Hamel and reflect on the military history of Newfoundland in World War I.

$100.00 per coin
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