The C.L.B. Regimental Band

The CLB Band has been an integral part of Newfoundland’s musical heritage for more than 120 years. Our membership comes from a wide range of backgrounds and ages that extend from young musicians, not long out of high-school, performing alongside members who have served in excess of seventy years. Today’s band is more than a marching band. It has evolved from its early days as a tin whistle band into a multi-faceted ensemble that is completely volunteer in nature, yet very much professional in attitude.

Apart from our commitment to CLB functions, our performances range quite extensively. The Band performs in variety of parades, civic events, memorial services, as well as hosting our own concerts. Musicianship within the band is strong and with our long history comes broad experience. So whether it’s military music, soulful hymns, folk music, or modern pop and jazz, the band enjoys a wide repertoire and offers a little something for everyone.

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