Wanted: Drum Major for our Regimental Band!

The Regimental Band is accepting applications for candidates to fill the position of Drum Major. Anyone may be considered, provided they meet the criteria below. While all applications will be gratefully accepted and reviewed, only those considered for an interview will be contacted.


  • Must be at least 19 years of age
  • Must be willing to give Band engagements priority over other CLB, civic and personal events
  • Must have a demonstrable high standard in personal drill, dress and deportment
  • Must have a clear and authoritative word-of-command
  • Must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of CLB or CF Drill, normally acquired through W/NCO Proficiency and/or experience in the Brigade or CF equivalent
  • Must be available, at minimum, to attend all Regimental Band parades (including, but not limited to: CLB Anniversary Parade, Battle of Britain Parade, Battle of the Atlantic Parade, Remembrance Day Parade, Avalon Battalion Spring Parade, Trinity-Conception Spring Parade, others as they may arise) and to accompany the Band on other duties, as required
  • Must possess a certain degree of knowledge of the Band, its history, role within the CLB and the wider community, and be prepared to act as a spokesperson, if/when called upon
  • Must be willing to relinquish any existing rank currently held in the CLB in order to be integrated into the Band’s ranking system

The Drum Major of the Regimental Band is an extremely highly visible position, and as such, the successful candidate will display impeccable turnout at all times, in drill, dress and especially deportment. The primary role of the Drum Major is to lead the Band while on parade and to represent the Band and the CLB as a whole to the highest degree. The position of Drum Major is subordinate to the Bandmaster and the Band Sergeant Major and, outside of controlling the movement of the Band while on parade, is fundamentally a ceremonial position.

Applications, in letter form, should detail the prospective candidate’s qualifications in relation to the above outlined criteria, and shall include a statement by the applicant which affirms and explains their commitment to the Regimental Band and the CLB.

The successful candidate will be selected by the Band Executive and must be immediately available for training.

Applications are to be submitted to the Band Executive either by email to regimentalband@theclb.ca or by delivery during normal practice times (Mondays and Thursdays, 8-10 PM) at the WF Learning Rehearsal Hall.

The deadline for applications is 10:00 p.m., Thursday, 26 October, 2017.