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Welcome to The C.L.B., an organization with a rich history of empowering youth through faith, camaraderie, and personal development. For over a century, the C.L.B. has been dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals by providing a diverse range of activities, skills, and experiences that foster discipline, leadership, and self-esteem. With a strong emphasis on community and spiritual growth, the C.L.B. continues to be a beacon of hope, inspiration, and unity for young people across the nation. Join us on this remarkable journey, and discover the incredible opportunities awaiting you and your family at The C.L.B.

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Community Impact

Through our dedicated volunteer leaders and support from the community, the C.L.B. plays an essential role in fostering discipline, leadership, and personal growth in young lives, making it a worthy cause for investment and collaboration.

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Engaging Youth Programs

From sports and outdoor adventures to music and leadership development, our diverse range of programs and activities cater to the interests and growth of youth members, enhancing the organization's reputation and reach.

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Exceptional Event Rentals

Discover our historic, unique and customizable space perfect for hosting a variety of events, such as weddings, fundraisers, concerts, and conferences. By choosing our venue, you support our organization's mission and ongoing youth programs.

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